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Going crazy looking for the best wedding photographers in Alappuzha to shoot your wedding? Choosing the destination along with the best wedding photographers in Kollam is an important decision – with so many exotic locations and options to choose from. If your chosen location is a picturesque location like Kollam, then you will need the best wedding photographers in Kollam to help you make the most of it. Whether you choose an indoor photography studio or venue or venture into the wilds with your photographer, our team at Hiwaga will ensure epic wedding photos. We are a small tight-knit team of image-makers.


Our team at Hiwaga has a proven approach to wedding photography that has led us to become the industries’ gold standard. The elements that move you, the places that inspire you, and most importantly your own unique story. Our style is timeless, cool, and has a clear candid and cinematic approach. Well, your wedding album can be as whimsical as your wedding only if you choose your photographer who knows you inside and out! Here are a few of our iconic shots!

Wedding Photography services in Kollam, Alappuzha

Popular wedding photography styles in Kollam

Weddings in Kollam are rich in tradition and usually have multi-day celebration. The style of dress they wear and accessories they choose also holds tradition a lot. Therefore traditional photography is the most popular wedding photography in Kollam. Though people try different styles like candid photography the nature of wedding style which matches is traditional wedding photography. They bring regal touches to their wedding and elaborate the event therefore using experimental photography shall not be budget friendly. But people do experiment on colors like vintage photography in Kollam.

How to enquire the best wedding photographer in Kollam?

  • To enquire for the best photographers in Kollam first of all you need to go through the style of photograph you prefer and the packages available for it. This would come up with different photographers and their packages
  • Thoroughly understand the outline of terms and conditions before enquiring a wedding photographer. The photographers will confirm what their clients would like to have on their dream day. Make sure the wedding planner you choose for are ready to show their packages according to your needs and budget.
  • Ring to the professional team of the wedding company in Kollam. Be clear about the date of Marriage, Pre and Post wedding shoot. Convey it clearly to them.