What to wear to a Christian Wedding? Kerala holds up a traditional custom on wedding attire of Christian wedding. Even though many western trends have taken their place in the wedding style, people always try to involve the traditional style of attire in any of the wedding ceremonies they follow. Wedding photography in Ernakulam and Kottayam consists of covering the pre-wedding function also, which is mostly in traditional attire by the whole family.

Kerala Christian Bride wears a unique combination of saree and veil. The color of the saree is usually white, cream, off-white, or a plain saree white saree with a golden border. The saree is usually pleated or wear as a one-sided saree. Gowns have also taken the mind of the beautiful brides around. Different types and styles of gowns are used by the brides. The accessories include a necklace mostly of one piece, a pair of shiny earrings, rings, bangles, and a watch to complete the look. A beautiful veil is an unavoidable attire in a Christian wedding. Names and Wishes can be threaded or printed in the veil to give it a different look. the best wedding photographers in Thrissur capture the beautiful attire of the Christian bride in between the veils to give them a different and stunning look.

Christian grooms traditionally wear a three-piece suit on their wedding day. Many men today wear a tuxedo too. When it comes to the color groom usually opts for navy blue or black color and does explore certain looks like electric blue, beige or classic brown. Instead of a tie groom can opt for a bow tie and equalize his look with the beautiful bride.

Brides Maid and Flower Girls usually wear matching dresses as they have been recognized as the flower girls. Small bouquets or veils are also added with her attire to make them stand apart. They opt for elegant floral or pastel dresses in common or have a traditional saree or western gown look. They will choose a lighter color than the bride and wear light accessories. They are always an interesting bunch of people in wedding and wedding albums. The best candid wedding photographers in Kerala highlights the day of the bride by including the flower girl. The bride is the queen and the bridesmaid helps the queen on her big day.