What to Wear as a Guest at an Indian Wedding? – Female Edition, An Indian wedding is a family get-together, a reunion for all family members and friends. Not only the bride or groom who chooses to wear lehenga or saree as a wedding dress but also the guests. we have seen that Videographer and best candid wedding photographers in Kerala turn their focus towards the guests who flaunt their outfit.

1) Graceful Saree

In Kerala usually, the weddings are in dry or summer seasons so a lightweight saree will be comfortable wear with ventilation. Chiffon saree with elegant embellishment with suitable accessories will give a statement outfit. The best weddings photographers in Trivandrum have photographs of beautiful bridesmaids stunning in saree.


These are some of the best outfits for a traditional event. They can be zari weaves or embroidery usually lightweight. A pair of skirts with a blouse or crop top will include a desi outlook. A deapped lehenga or a dhawani is a perfect fit for a traditionally themed wedding.

3) Salwar Kameez

Salwar kammez is a comfortable attire, desi in fact. Avoid wearing a plain salwar suit either gives an elegant embellishment or embroidery Dupatta. Select the piece of dress for which you will make heavy so that the rest of the pieces can be made simple.

4) Lightweight Gown

The gown can be weared in any style and design. They can be either long Anarkali tops or can be styled in contemporary ways with a westernized saree. An ethnic crop top or an embellished jacket can drive more candid photographs of you

5) Skirt and Top

If you do not want to go for a set kurta and dupattas go for a skirt and top. A beautiful flared skirt or fish-cut skirt can be chosen for your comfort. Crop tops or long tops are ideal for skirts. Choose the fabrics selectively so that it does not bring you discomfort.
Flaunt your style in a lighter way and get captured in candid photographs. The best weddings photographers in Thrissur do capture the beautiful bridesmaid or the friends and family of the bride just in the way they rock on their friend’s or family’s big day.