Wedding Rituals practiced in Kerala, Here Kerala weddings are distinct from those held in other parts of India, whether in terms of bride’s attire, subtle decor, or wedding date. Malayalees do not like to compromise on tradition and they do not westernize their wedding day rituals also. The Best wedding photographers in Kerala capture your perfect picture including the culture and rituals of your wedding. The subtleties and procedures of traditional Malayali marriages are explored here.

1) Pre-Nuptial Blessing Ceremony


On the morning of the Wedding day, both bride and groom give Dakshina to their parents and elders in the family and receive their blessings. The word Dakshina itself means Blessings. In some places, Dakshina Kodukkal is a pre-wedding ritual. This system emerged because of the early wedding time.

Sthuthi Cholluka

Sthuthi Cholluka is a tradition where both the families with bride and groom on their respective houses chant a series of prayers. After which the bride and groom seek blessings from their elders by giving them sthuthi.

2) Wedding

Taalikettu, Kanyadaan and Pudamuri

Taali or Mangalsutra is the main element in the wedding, the groom will tie the Taali around the bride’s neck for their unity. This ritual is called ‘Thaalikettu after which the bride’s father gives away the bride to her newly wedded husband by uniting their hands. After which the bride and groom will walk around a holy fire called ‘Veli’ to make an auspicious start on their wedding. The Best wedding photographers in Thrissur have some amazing temple wedding pictures like weddings at Guruvayoor where weddings will be simple and mostly Taalikettu ritual can only be done in the temple. The groom gifts a beautiful silk saree to his newly wedded wife. In some traditions they do offer a Kasavu saree also


‘Minnu’ is Taali in Christian culture. Minnu will be on the thread of seven strings from the Mantrakodi which will be tied around the bride’s neck. The Groom in the presence of the priest places the Mantrakodi over the bride’s head and seeks blessings for their journey together. Delicate hymens and church choirs will be the background of the wedding. All family would pray for the newly wedded couple.

Nikaah and Mahr

The marriage ceremony will be presided by the priest (Qazi), he recites various verses from Quran, and at the end bride’s father offers his daughter to the groom. The proposal is passed by the head, this ritual is called Lijaab. The bride accepts the proposal by saying Qubool. Then elder members of both the families decide an amount which will be given by the groom’s family to the bride.

Followed by the wedding is a grand treat to all the guests. According to the Hindu tradition, they offer vegetarian food called Sadya. The conclusion of the day will be this treatment to the guests. After all, guests turn away the newly wedded couples would give some amazing posses for the photographs. Wedding photography in Ernakulam usually contains outdoor photography of the newly wedding couples on the wedding attire.