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Weddings can get really expensive, there are actually many factors that affect the overall budget of a wedding. But the main concern might be spending the money on the extras.

For some people weightage on photography and videography could be less but for today’s majority, it’s the most crucial part when getting married. Also, they strive to make sure that they get the best Wedding Photographers in Kerala to cover their most special day.

There have been significant developments in the wedding photography industry during the previous years. There are new and veteran players in the market as well. So when talking about the cost it might depend on several factors as mentioned before.

There are different categories of Wedding Photography in Ernakulam. From freelancers to established groups we actually have a huge list of bests to choose from.

Some among them are the ones who have been in the industry for long, who prefer to shoot in the conventional manner that has been prevalent since the dawn of photography.

The fees for these studios start at 50,000/- per wedding and go up from there if you put on extras like a pre-shoot accompanied by the wedding ceremony etc. There are a lot of Best Wedding Photographers in Thrissur who’s been following the same for ages.

The next up is Freelancers. These are people that operate on a project basis and charge around the same as a studio or more.
Superior editing abilities than of Studio is the highlights of them.

The third category is the pros, This is a category where professionals use Candid, Cinematic, and other numerous methods to capture the best of the event. These are also the group of the most passionate and Best Wedding Photographers in Kochi. Their cost can range from 80,000/- to 1,00,000/- or more depending on their expertise and popularity.

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