An Indian wedding is not only a communal between two families but also a festival of beautiful fabrics and jewels. Types of Bridal Wedding Necklace, Indian brides love to wear traditional yet unique pieces of jewel. Wedding necklace also has its place in wedding albums too. Wedding photographers highlight the most beautiful necklace you wear on your big day.

Exclusive Temple Jewelry

Traditional jewelry is a must for every Indian bride. Especially when it comes to South Indian Bride like in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. They opt for a heavy bridal necklace as a prominent piece in their accessory. Temple jewelry is the most used statement necklace as they are elegant from other jewels. Chettinadu necklace has a special place in every South Indian bride’s heart. Either they go for a wide necklace or a catchy pendant pattern from temple art jewelry. Give a top-angle shot to the brides to highlight your necklace stunningly. Best Wedding Photographers in Thrissur has an amazing collection of bridal photos with traditional temple work jewel highlights.


Apart from the traditional jewels, Choker from the western world has made its prominence among Indian brides in the last two years. Be it a wideband choker or choker with rubies and emeralds are on the top of the list. Pearls and Gold are a unique combination for choker selection. According to the current trend, brides choose Persian chokers as a single-piece accessory on their wedding or engagement day.

Show stellar Kashi Mala

This necklace is a mandatory piece for a wedding day among Kerala brides. This is because Kaashi Mala is originated from Kerala. This can be used as a necklace or long wear but beauty is when it is in the form of a necklace. The neat arrangement of gold coins fitted to the chain, paired with Kasavu Saree or the bridal Saree regardless of caste is what makes Kaashi Mala different from another necklace. Best wedding photographers in Kerala have a different unique style of photography featuring brides with Kaashi necklace.

Gemstones and Diamonds

Diamond is always statement jewelry for the wedding day. A single piece of the diamond can give you a whole look for the wedding accessory. Gemstones have made a different look to diamond necklaces. This gives up a pop look to your accessory, be it a monochrome theme or a contrast one gemstone is a gem. A diamond set can be used as a necklace or a lengthy jewel. It highlights your collar bone as well. They can be small stones or comparatively large ones. it is according to the color, size, and design of the wedding outfit. Wedding photography in Ernakulam has a collection of brides who grabbed their wedding day by a statement look provided by Diamonds.