Finding the best wedding photographers in Kerala for your Pre Wedding Shoots are indeed an excellent way to have a feel of what it’s like to be photographed as a couple and an opportunity to get to know your synch – what we call ‘chemistry’. As the best wedding photographers in Kochi, we fully understand how this can all be awful. So hopefully, the following few tips will be of use to you.

Before you read these below tips on how to get the most out of a pre-wedding shoot planned in Kerala.

You can be yourselves

We have been widely offering our services across many places in Kerala. Being the best wedding photographers in Kochi, the primary advice we give to any couple is to be real during the shoot or as its fast approaches is to try not to see it as a photo shoot. The best way to accomplish this is to do exactly what you do every time, the expressions, the mannerisms, etc. You could better try and approach the session as a couple of hours of the two of you spending some time together.
Just be yourselves and enjoy each other’s company fabulously. Never take it as a shoot.

Make it a fun-filled experience

We do admit that when we first start the shoot, things will be a little bit awkward as it’s not a very natural thing to do! But within a short time, you’ll be relaxed. Trust us, you will be having fun. One of the best things to do during the shoot is to have fun and you get to enjoy each other’s company. With that approach, we will get those killer romantic epic shots but the more fun we can have the more relaxed you’ll become and the more amazing the shots afterwards.

Just Relax

Yes, we mean it! Just RELAX!!!
When we meet couples, one main advice we give is to relax and relax and relax. Just be cool. That’s it! Just relax your shoulders, take a few deep breaths and relax. Just remember that you are there to spend time with your fiancé. It’s not always about us leading the shoot, more about you people enjoying each other’s company, and we’ll capture that.


Ask us questions and tell us your interests. Tell things you like or dislike. The best wedding photographers in Kerala will love shooting pre-wedding shoots as they give the perfect opportunity for you to get used to being photographed so you down feel awkward on your big day. For any queries, talk to us today.