Pre-Wedding Rituals practiced in Kerala always carry the tradition and aesthetic beauty throughout their ceremony. South Indian weddings are all celebrated for three days. But the ceremony starts much before the wedding day. The Best wedding photographers in Kerala capture all the beautiful moments before the dream big day of the bride and groom at their best. Let’s go through the Pre-wedding rituals of Weddings in Kerala.

1) Date Fixation


Exchanging horoscopes (Kundlis) of bride and groom and will find out the match through it. This is normally done by an astrologer. If the horoscopes are a match bride’s and groom’s families find a holy date for the wedding.


This is a traditional ceremony practiced over generations, In this event elders or family members of the bride visit the groom’s family to fix the wedding date. Both families exchange sweets to celebrate the day.


It is a prayer to Allah, asking for his blessing on the marriage. The bride and groom’s father, as well as other family members, attend the ceremony, which takes place at a mosque. The Maulvi reads verses from the Quran, and a wedding date is set by mutual agreement between the two families.

2) Engagement


Here the wedding date will be officially announced to family, friends, and relatives. Bride and Groom exchange rings (Mothiram mattal) at this ceremony. A beautiful note of a relationship begins from the day of the joyous announcement of the wedding date. Best wedding photographers in Thrissur have some stunning clicks of the engagement day, these are the initial photographs before the big day of the to-be couples.


After the fixation of the wedding day, families of both bride and groom get together at church and the priest would ask the families for their agreement to the wedding. The priest will also confirm the wedding to the bride and groom and announce the wedding date confirmation. This ceremony is popularly known as betrothal.


Typical Kerala Muslim wedding rituals begin with this Function were the groom’s mother gifts a bangle to the future daughter-in-law. Then they will visit the groom’s house and in the presence of a priest (Maulvi) they fix the date for the wedding and this ritual is called Naal Nischayam.

3) Pre-Wedding Day

Haldi and Mylanji

Initially, the Haldi ceremony was celebrated by North Indians only, but nowadays it has become a common ritual in Kerala also. Mylanji is applied to the hands and feet of the bride on this day. A traditional party is also hosted in the bride and groom’s house on this day.


This is a religious ritual practiced by the Roman Catholic Syrian Christians of Kerala whereas Chandam Charthal is an age-old tradition of Knanaya Christians of Kerala which they continue to do as part of their wedding eve celebration. Family members assemble and begin the celebration of the wedding from this ritual.

‘Mylanji Raavu’

The day is celebrated by applying Mehendi to the bride by the friends and family. The groom’s sister visits the bride’s house on the pre-wedding eve. They also celebrate the function with ‘Mapplapattu’ and ‘Oppana’.

Most people choose wedding photographers on Engagement day but wedding photography in Ernakulam and Kottayam do have to cover the pre-wedding ceremonies like ‘Haldi’ and ‘Madhuramveyppu’ respectively. Since most of the family members and friends visit the bride and groom on the pre-wedding eve, families now include wedding photography on the pre-wedding eve.