Post-Wedding Rituals practiced in Kerala, Kerala weddings finish long celebration by the bride entering the groom’s house. Reception and visits to close relatives’ houses are there as a part of post-wedding but the celebration part mostly ends with receptions. Most couples celebrate their wedding ravishingly with songs dances and grand feasts to family and friends. The best wedding photographers in Kerala have some backdrop photographs of the newly wedded couples with them. The first kiss and sharing sweets together are also captured beautifully by the photographers to make your day timeless.


The bride begins a new journey by entering the groom’s house at a fixed time. Before that she shares an emotional moment with her parents and loved ones as she moves to a new home. The best wedding photographers in Thrissur have an amazing collection of reflection photographs of these moments. The bride will be inside the car and the parents and loved ones will be saying goodbye to the bride which will be reflected through the window glass of the car. The mother-in-law receives the bride with a lamp. After her first step home, close relatives and parents would give them sweets and welcome the new member to the family.

In Christian tradition, the mother-in-law invites the newly wedded couples to the family by giving her a candle and bible. They also welcome the newly wedded couples by giving them, sweets. There are two traditions followed by Christian families in Kerala, either the couple stays at the groom’s house or they stay at the bride’s home.

Ruksat and Walima

The bride’s family bid goodbye to the bride as she is leaving for her husband’s house this emotional ceremony is called Ruksat. The Bride’s father hands over his daughter to the groom to take care of for a lifetime. The bride enters the groom’s house she takes the home with the Holy Quran held above her head. Walima is moreover similar to reception as newly wedded couples provide a scrumptious feast to friends and family. Wedding photography in Ernakulam always tries to bring up an Arabian touch to the couple photograph as they get ready for Walima in the traditional way.