Looking for ways to make your wedding look even great? While Wedding photography trends are changing year by year, if you are planning your wedding in 2021, learn about the unique ideas for creative wedding photography that are trendy. 

As we all know that wedding photos are the most important part of the wedding day, coming up with the latest and creative wedding photography will be great that these have to be captured for future memories. While knowing the latest trends and creative ideas to make your big day even more beautiful and memorable, here are some fresh & creative photography ideas from the best wedding photographers in Kochi, in your budget. 

  • Candid Captures
  • Outdoor wedding photography 
  • Drone Wedding photography 
  • Getting ready bridal detail photos
  • Poses with bridesmaid and groomsmen
  • Pre-wedding shoots 
  • Dramatic entry shots
  • Theme wedding photos

Candid Captures

           Candid captures will be the best & most memorable pictures in your wedding album. There must be a lot of enjoyment and happy moments in the wedding, capturing these best moments in its on naturality can bring even more happiness to that moment to remember.

Outdoor Wedding Photography

           Outdoor wedding photography is the latest trend of wedding photography. Photographers can plan many creative ideas for this. Now, newly wedded couples prefer parks, hills, lakes for their outdoor photoshoot, which can be more charming. And a well-experienced photographer must have their own list of moments to capture!

Drone Wedding Photography

           The drone is the future of wedding photography; it can capture your marvelous aerial photos which will become a very special capture of the moment. As the drones give a different point of view that no other camera can have: from above!

Getting Ready Bridal Detail Photos

           The trendiest captures you must DO NOT forget to take are the getting ready bridal detail photos, a wedding dress is the main thing you’ll need for your big day. Taking its photos from the beginning itself and also showcasing your accessories will be a good collection of memories. And at the same time in the case of bridesmaids, don’t forget to capture the bridesmaids coordinating for getting ready photographs!

Poses With Bridesmaid and Groomsmen 

Poses with Bridesmaid and Groomsmen will be funnier and more memorable, taking these photos with many creative poses will add beauty to your wedding album. 

Pre-Wedding Shoots 

           Bridal Showers and other pre-wedding photos are in fashion nowadays. Photographers are coming up with creative ideas to make that moment more graceful. Themes like Filmy, nostalgic, fashionable et cetera are used by them to make your memories beautiful.

Dramatic Entry Shots

           A Grand entry of the bride and groom will make the wedding grand. There are lots of ideas for this event. Many couples use a vintage car decorated with floral for this for the groom, and brides will be entering like a princess.

Theme Wedding Photos

              As we all know theme wedding is trendy in these days. Photographers have a huge list of the themed wedding with them. Usually, it places a storyline around your set, there will be special wedding décor, costume, and wedding venue.

These customized wedding photography plans for every couple can make their wedding an unforgettable one!