The pandemic had affected every sphere of our lives, which had also impacted weddings. If you are planning your wedding this year, we have the ideas that make your small & intimate weddings glorious. we know, you might be in the misery of getting married in these restrictions time. As we can’t change the circumstances, so, we have to think about making it more enjoyable. Let’s make our limitations into opportunities and don’t let the pandemic bring down your big day! 

Adding a bit of creativity to it can bring your small intimate ceremonies more delightful! Make it memorable and even more joyful by these unique covid wedding ideas.  

Decorate it well!

Now you know, on your big day, you will only have the most intimate people around you. So, don’t they want to be treated well? Then, let it begin with adorning your venue most amazingly, and it will do flourish your intimacy also! The people who are going to be present on your wedding day will be your most familiar persons and you are having fewer guests; this will be much more confidential. Use this opportunity to arrange your best-loved theme into life. For example, you plan a Cinderella-themed wedding, people can just dress like the characters in the story. Now think about your favorite character and bring off them on your special day.

Amaze your guests with extra-special catering ideas

Smaller gatherings are a good time to provide delectable food choices to your favorite people. You can also try many unique ideas which might be too expensive for a large set of people. You can also think about serving your guests by incorporating safety because don’t forget it’s pandemic time! 

A food truck will be fun and pleasing and also might be an affordable option. These trucks can have individually packed food and the guests can choose their liked food from it.

You can still make it crowded!

If you carving for a crowded wedding, which everyone you wish can interact and shower blessings on your big day, you can still make it possible, by following the protocols! Arrange your wedding virtually on zoom! Many people had tried this already in this situation, people can interact virtually and you can also invite a greater number of people to gather your wedding. A virtual wedding also has another option to stream your wedding. Hiwaga weddings showcase the ideas that make your small & intimate weddings glorious. You should find out the most professional wedding photographers and videographers for this. 

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As we cannot digest the restrictions over Covid weddings, that had limited the crowd, it is the best thing also that there are only your intimate people there, so make more joyful and memorable!