The big day is all about love, blessings, and photographs of course. Be it bride or groom the day is your dream big day and you have to pose to give your best shots. Your glorious wedding moments can be candid’s but do not simply rely on only candid’s. Be ready for some epic picturesque of your portraits.

We Capture through your ‘Duppatta’ or ‘Pallus’ or ‘Veils’: Brides this is for you to have a wedding mode shot with your face at minimal & wedding accessories will be highlighted. The Saree, Gown, or Lehenga you wear will be also highlighted through this photography. Use it for some dramatic portraits.

The top angle shot: Best wedding photographers in Kerala suggest a top angle shot for a royal look to the bride and groom. Avoid looking into the camera and give some attitude to your face to complete the look. Hairstyle and neck accessories will be supporting you for the shot.

Run and Twirl: Take your partner with you for all the twirls of life and run together. Fast moments are always candid when it comes to photography or videography. Let the couples run or twirl their happiness & excitement will be captured by the camera. Make sure you choose the best location for this because your location will be the rest space to support you. You can choose a beach, ground, or any heritage area for this. Wedding photography in Ernakulam has many such photographs.

You are the model of the day! Do what models do pose for a wide-angle shot and a close-up shot. Let your wide-angle shot highlight your overall look. Look away from the camera or concentrate on the object near you. Make sure your wide-angle shot goes well with a beautiful background or location which will match your traditional outfit. Check out the photographs of the best wedding photographers in Thrissur to get an idea. Tilt your head and give a confident look at the camera when you are choosing a close-up photograph.

Be at the best on your wedding day. Give your smiles, excitement, joy, and nervousness a timeless record. The day is yours so celebrate and flaunt in your own way