Remember! Or you will be forgetting these very important things on your wedding day!

We all know, even we had spent months and months of preparation for that single big day, there must be many situations that people might forget about many important things. And sometimes it will become the worst ever things to forget at a wedding, which possibly destroys all the happiness that one can have on the day. Wedding days are to be planned with the utmost care because weddings might happen only at once in our lifetime- for most of us. So, knowing early about the things that should be remembered on that day will diminish the tensions and confusion of your wedding day. Go through these things for a relaxed wedding day. And congratulations on your wedding!!

• Creating a wedding day checklist
• Remember it’s the pandemic time
• Important purchases
• Test drive the full look as much as possible
• Invitations
• Deliver final headcount
• Transportation
• Don’t forget to remind the photographer what type of pictures you want
• Handling gifts
• Simple but powerful- the songs to the wedding day

Creating a wedding day checklist

Creating a wedding day checklist with includes the to-do list and following it will be a great move for a frictionless wedding day.

Remember it’s the pandemic time

Taking perfect care of covid 19 protocols will keep us from the major headache of a wedding these days.

Important purchases

Many people will forget to buy some important things. And which will lead to a mess at last. So, take your own time to think and make you had bought everything for your wedding.

Test drive the full look

Wearing your wedding day dresses and ornaments early and checking whether it suits or whether does there have any issues with the costume will be a clever idea that we can ensure its suits and it doesn’t have any problems while wearing it. As we have seen many wedding day dresses and ornaments have many faults and problems on the wedding day. Think how irritating will be that on our special day to be like it.


Many people will sometimes forget to invite the most wanted people to the wedding, as there is pandemic exists, we don’t have many people to invite to our wedding, still, we must be confirmed that we had informed all our people about the wedding.

Deliver final headcount

Delivering a final headcount to the catering people is one of the main things you never miss out on. People may forget this sometimes and finally; this will become the major headache on our wedding day.


You should have a clear vision of your transportation facilities many days before your wedding. You must arrange all the transportation things and their decoration ideas.

Don’t forget to remind the photographer what type of pictures you want

You should tell your photographer about your plans for your wedding photos if you had something on your mind. If you are confused about how to take inspiring and memorable photos for your wedding, you can contact us to knowing from the best wedding photographers in Ernakulam for the latest trends in photography and also the best professional photography packages in Ernakulam. Hiring the best wedding photographers in Kochi for your wedding day will be a diamond for your special event.

Handling Gifts

You might get many gifts from people, and sometimes in your wedding day rush, you might have no time to take care of the gifts you got from them, and later you’ll find things missing or getting damaged. So, assigning someone to handle the gifts will be a good thing to follow.