Creating a wedding album should contain all the magical moments from the wedding. It is a mixture of timeless photographs which is a doorway to visit the memories which last forever. Today wedding albums are in digitalized models therefore the texture of the pages and color contrast of the photograph will be noticed more. A wedding album can be customized according to a theme; it can be according to the theme of the wedding also.

Photography styles are different for different weddings. Wedding photography in Ernakulam is different compared to north Kerala photography. Wedding culture itself is different for different regions in Kerala. Before beginning an album one should understand the culture and customs followed in a wedding then accordingly select and organize the photographs.

Review and arrange the photographs according to the size of the photograph; Landscape or Portrait. Choose pages that will fit in with the size of the photographs.

For a picture consisting of too many emotions or drama, give a full length to it. Extend the photograph to the edges. For more intimate photographs try using white space also in it. Including text should also be planned accordingly. Good quotes shall be displayed according to the photographs. Many wedding companies have a list of templates that they are using in albums. Best weddings photographers in Thrissur would present you with many templates professionally designed by a team. This will help clients to select the templates they need.

Colour contraction is another important element while arranging an album. Either use a single tone to all pictures or an average contrast. Mixing up too many colors and pale colors will be disturbing for the eyes. Colors can be given according to the emotions of the photograph or by the location of the photograph. Best wedding photographers in Kollam give out the best and unexpected shots of the bride and groom. This can be given on a full page which will give a stunning look to the album.