1.  Be ready, anytime, anywhere!
The main rule behind is to always have your camera ready, anywhere, anytime- says the Best Candid wedding photography.  Your camera should be in your hand and you need to be ready to shoot at all times.

2. Usage of Longer Lens
Our wedding photographers in Alappuzha use longer lens most often to capture candid shots. So yeah, it’s worth investing in a zoom lens so that you can take pictures from a fair distance. ( People are less likely to notice a camera in their direction) Our best wedding photographers in Kottayam have histories of capturing the best shots with this trick.

3.The Right Equipment – the right shots!
Having the right equipment helps you get a majority of the shots the way it has to. It is advisable to always it can be very suitable to have a smaller camera along, in addition, to help with candid shots.  For any photography-related doubts, you have options to connect with the best wedding photographers in Kochi.

4. Plan Ahead
it’s a good idea to scope out good locations for perfect candid shots. It is great if you can’t get there ahead of time, try and take some time to find good spots for great shots.

5. Click many!
This will help you get the perfect shots. Place your camera on constant and try a burst of shots.

6. Never forget the people in groups
The whole idea behind this is people relating to each other often make for a more interesting shot. Once they become involved in a conversation, they are less aware of what’s happening around which marks it perfect for candid shots.

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