We are the best wedding photographers in Trivandrum. We know how important is your wedding day and thus we offer the best wedding photography in Trivandrum. Your wedding day is the day when you start a new journey with the one whom your soul love and vow to spend the rest of your lives together. Both of your families unite to celebrate this and bless you with all their love. That’s why we have the best wedding studio in Trivandrum to capture your Big day perfectly, with beautiful moments.

You may check out our work and get in touch with us if you would like us to be a part of your wonderful journey. We provide affordable wedding photography packages in Trivandrum for anyone looking for some beautiful wedding shots.

Our Services

Wedding Photography in Trivandrum

We have a dedicated team of photographers, skilled in capturing the best candid and traditional wedding photographs, making us popular as one of the best candid wedding photographers in Trivandrum. We capture the most unique moments to you as a couple and family, keeping every picture as natural as they happen.

Pre-wedding photography

Our pre-wedding shoots are meant to capture the fun side of the couple and extra special moments. It’s literally a great way for us to know the bride and groom, building a harmony that translates in every frame starting from the pre-wedding to the BIG day.

Wedding occasion is something that if you miss its fresh charm, then it cannot be recreated. As these magical events never return, these are the treasure troves of a couple’s relationship. We capture it so beautifully so that you can smile and cherish remembering those sweet memories throughout your life. If you miss those moments and leave them uncaptured, that would be a huge loss. Isn’t it?

Post-wedding photography

After all the busy schedule and an emotional day, the couples are now free to get to know each other. They do not have any disturbances even from the family, these precious moments are captured beautifully by us. Do you know? most of the best post wedding photographs come out from the candid moments of the newly married couples.

Wedding Photography

Timely blending into those moments is definitely necessary for capturing true feelings. While you are engrossed in the romantic moments of your wedding, we wait to create a stunning wedding portrait for you. The wedding’s moment of love and good fortune will warm your heart and make you jump with excitement.

Candid Wedding Photography

Our candid photography session captures your moments, feelings, and reactions without interfering in them. Our candid photography works well as a setting for a beautiful love poetry. We give you an experience of colors, extravagance, and beauty which come together in a fantastic way to create a collection of amazing experiences.

Helicam Wedding Photography

Being the top wedding studio in Trivandrum, we make good use of technology to create a memorable wedding tale. With our in-house drone photographers and videographers, we create a magnificent memory on your wedding day. Your extravagant wedding celebration can be captured in stunning aerial shots by the flying machine. Because our team’s perspective differs from that of others, filming all of the ceremonies is special in its own way.

For the best wedding photography services in Thiruvananthapuram, talk to us today, and let’s make the best wedding plan- the magical one you’ll ever experience! And yeah, please understand that the right photography plans will help you look more vibrant and stunning in the photographs afterwards.

Not only wedding photography, but our professional team of wedding photographers also get inquiries for Portrait Wedding Photography, Candid Wedding Photography, Black and White Wedding Photography, Editorial Wedding Photography, Traditional Wedding Photography, Artistic Wedding Photography and Film Wedding Photography from clients across different parts of the world.

So let us know what your requirements are and we have got you covered with the best photographs that last a lifetime.

Hire Hiwaga Weddings Photographers in Trivandrum

Wedding photography is seeing certain alterations that are transforming it into a fantastic profession. When it comes to finding a professional wedding photographer today, you have a plethora of options. If you are choosing Hiwaga, then you have met the exact wedding photographers on your big day. Go through our packages and services to select the appropriate one for your wedding. Hire the best wedding photographers in Trivandrum and make your day memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a wedding photographer in Trivandrum charge for a day?

Wedding photography price in Trivandrum vary with a 2-hour minimum, rates range from Rs. 7500 to Rs. 12500 per hour. Check for the best wedding photography packages available to you so that you can just relax on the part of photography and videography. Hiwaga weddings offer affordable and standard wedding packages customized for you.

How To Select an Affordable Wedding Photographer in Trivandrum?

One of the best wedding photographers in Trivandrum who never compromises on the quality of the work done is what defines Hiwaga Weddings. Since it is your wedding day do not go for a cheap package rather go for a professional but an affordable package. Hiwaga wedding packages are customized for your needs and are one of the best wedding photographers in Trivandrum who provides you at affordable rate.

What are the unique specialties of Hiwaga Weddings Photography?

Hiwaga weddings is your one-stop destination. You have many choices and options possible only in Hiwaga weddings. The wide variety of services we offer can make you choose what you wish for. Our team of best Professional photographers in Thiruvananthapuram can capture you picture perfect moment on the wedding day. Candid wedding photography is getting more attention now and we have experts in the field.