Hiwaga Weddings is one of the best wedding photographers in Kerala. The team offers the best photography in Kerala and other parts of India. Renowned for having the best photographers in Kerala as part of our team. We are a crew of highly skilled & famous wedding photographers in Kerala. Constantly striving to meet our clients’ expectations with comprehensive services and delivery of services on time.

We are indeed proud to say that we have the top wedding photographers in Kerala. Who are capable of capturing any special moments without losing their essence. Besides being capable of providing all types of normal and specialized photography and videography services is our specialty too. Hence you can trust us to cover every event of your life. Our best wedding photographers in Kochi not just capture the moments but also ensure the memories last for a lifetime. To check the wedding photography prices packages in Kerala, connect with us today. Given below are a few services that we provide to our clients.

Best wedding photography services in Kerala at affordable packages

◼️Candid/Traditional Wedding Photography
◼️Lifestyle photography
◼️Pre-wedding shoot
◼️Post-wedding shoot
◼️Album designing and video editing
◼️Portrait photography

To make it precise, our mission at Hiwaga Weddings is to help our customers realize their dreams. Getting the best photographs for their wedding is what we make easy for them. We would like to be called the best candid wedding photographer in Kerala who can epitomize your beautiful wedding story. Furthermore, being that ‘extraordinary’ type in planning & coordinating even the minute details, we offer an exclusive candid session on your wedding. We have high expertise in traditional photography as well. We completely apprehend the significance of your big day and we promise to give you the best!

Leading professionals in Kerala Wedding Photography

For us, photographing your ‘once in a lifetime moment’ is a challenging yet thrilling task. So clearly Hiwaga assures you to capture it the most beautiful way. It’s equally important to do that in a way that no other will ever do too. Being the experts and professionals in Kerala wedding photography, we consider it as a strength we are the one you would want to pick for your wedding. We are extremely lucky to capture those moments of utmost happiness for you and your family. We are sure you will keep our photographs for eternity.

What are the different services provided by wedding photographers from Kerala? 

Wedding photographers usually provide a list of services to their clients. Wedding photography packages in Kerala differ in the styles and equipment they use. But mostly wedding photography packages include:

1) Coverage of the Day

The wedding day duration is different for different clients. It may be up to six hours for one and eight hours for another. The duration of the wedding affects the price of the package also. Wedding photography in Kerala is of two

• Traditional Photography: This usually consists of photographs of the bride and groom with their family, friends, and other wedding guests. These are the most common and usual ways of capturing wedding photography and videography in Kerala.

• Candid Photography: Unlike traditional photography, candid photography focuses on photographs without the person being aware of them. Many people now opt for candid wedding photography in Kerala for the easy functioning of the wedding ceremonies.

2) Assistant Photographer 

They are talented wedding photographers in Kerala who will assist the main photographer. They can also be called the second photographer and would stay with the main photographers till the ceremony ends.

3) Pre-wedding Photo session

They are most common now among couples. In this session, couples take photographs from different destinations. It can be called an engagement photo shoot or a Save the Date photoshoot.

4)  Albums

People now prefer digital photographs more but albums are timeless and are helpful to cherish the memories of the day. There will be a preview album provided by the wedding company. This is an inexpensive photo book that contains all the edited photographs but cannot be considered as a wedding album.

How can Hiwaga Weddings help with the best wedding photography services in Kerala?

Hiwaga Weddings proudly presents top Kerala wedding photographers who capture your big day with all its beauty. Our comprehensive services look forward to meeting client expectations. We offer

1) Candid/Traditional Wedding Photography: According to the need of the clients, we offer both types of photography at the best.

2) Lifestyle photography: These photographs communicate real-life events or milestones you achieved. The portrait of the people are the life stories presented artistically

3) Pre-Wedding Shoot: Provided before the wedding. Couples can choose a suitable location for both bride and groom. Either traditional or western style of photography can be used in this.

4) Post-Wedding Shoot: These are provided for couples are marriage. Famous and beautiful locations can be used for these photoshoots.

5) Portrait Photography: This type of photography is mostly used in the fashion field for model photography. These photographs communicate about the personality. Lights and shades are mostly used in this.

6) Album designing and Video Editing: The most awaited part of a wedding is the printed photographs they get and the output of their wedding video. We provide wedding albums and videos without delay to our clients.

How to find budget wedding photographers in Kerala?

Wedding is the day bride, groom and family plan much earlier from the day. Setting up a budget for the day is a big task and setting a budget for wedding company should be given importance. Most of the famous photographers in Kerala charges approximately the same amount but what costs you extra is the other elements included in the wedding photography. There will be differences in budget according to the style of wedding like a traditional or candid wedding. The equipment used in the wedding photography also affects the budget, if the client specifies any equipment say for drone and Ariel photography.

Frequently Asked Questions:- 

1)  What are the services provided by wedding photographers in Kerala?

Wedding photography packages in Kerala usually provide certain fixed services to clients. This includes

Traditional Photography: This is the most common style of wedding photography and videography in Kerala. Candid wedding photography is also included in some wedding packages.

Pre-wedding shoot: This photoshoot is for the bride and groom before the wedding day. Destinations of their likes with the traditional or western styles of photography are used in this.

Post-wedding shoot: This photoshoot is for couples after marriage. Honeymoon locations or one to two-day trip locations are used for this type of wedding shoot.

Drone Photography: Top Kerala wedding photographers also offer drone photography. Special equipment and a license are needed for this photography. 

2) How much does a wedding photographer in Kerala charge for a day?

The budget of photography and videography depends on the duration of the work and equipment they use to cover the wedding day. The basic payment normally charged by wedding photographers in Kerala is between 50,000 rupees to 80,000 rupees. With added on services it can raise till 1, 00,000 rupees per work. Freelance photographers also cost the same as they have to rely upon another studio.

3)  What are the latest trends in Kerala wedding photography?

Kerala holds a rich tradition in the culture so as to their wedding they hold the old tradition and mix it up with the new trends and western style. Nowadays couples try new trends even for Pre and Post Wedding photoshoots. Monotone photography, Vintage photography, and Phone photography are getting more light in Kerala.

4) How much is the cost for drone photography for Kerala weddings?

Drone photography is now a common part of the packages of a wedding company. Before booking a wedding photographer make sure they have this in package or else they will have to arrange for a drone photographer this may cost more in your budget.

5)  What things to check before shortlisting your wedding photographers in Kerala?

First of all look for Famous wedding photographers in Kerala. From that, you can filter the top Kerala wedding photographers which will be budget-friendly and could cover all your needs in their package. Make sure that they are suitable for your pre-wedding shoot, wedding shoot, and post-wedding shoots.

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