Wedding Photography in Ernakulam – Themed Weddings

As a professional team offering wedding photography in Ernakulam,  choosing the theme of any wedding is one of the most significant concerns of the couples.
The reason is simple – everyone wants a balanced wedding, in which all the elements are blended uniquely. The best wedding photographers in Thrissur always create beautiful pictures of ceremonies and flawless wedding receptions, with elegant themes on social such as Instagram and Pinterest, etc. When the best wedding photographers in Kerala do so,  that indeed boosts the excitement and animate the vision of a dreamy wedding!
Even, couples dealing with the best wedding photographers in Kottayam say that they are worried when it comes to choosing a theme for their wedding.   Do you know why? It’s just because they are already fed precisely by those perfect images of elegance they get to see every day on social media. The most common feelings include unable to find a theme suitable for their personalities. A few of them want fairytale weddings, and the others demand aesthetic weddings.

Dear couples, what you need to know is that it is not essential to plan a themed wedding. But as the best wedding photographers in Kochi, we say that it is crucial to own a wedding theme. How are these two approaches different? Our wedding photographers in Alappuzha had once ventured into this.
When you select a themed wedding, the underlying emotional system is relevant, and there are here several artistic potentialities. A depersonalized wedding with a theme that does not reflect at all the personality of the spouses, but rather the idea of ​​the perfectly themed wedding they artificially created in their minds – that doesn’t work, right?
For this reason, in selecting the theme, it is crucial to reflect on your wishes and preferences, on the emotions you desire to feel and the atmosphere you want to build. Our best wedding photographers in Kollam have conducted many brilliant thematic wedding photographs.

A professional team, like the best wedding photographers in Thrissur, would know how to design the theme required by the couple, but also, they will listen and deeply understand their personality, tastes, and preferences.
The themed wedding should arise from the idea, the inspiration that comes to the view of gorgeous pictures of sensational weddings. . But it necessarily is your theme, artfully composed for your wedding. Otherwise, it would be only a copy of others’ beautiful weddings regardless of being traditional or candid.
Obviously, the creation of a themed wedding should start from a clear idea. However, the focus of your theme should be you and your perception of the world, life together, and love.
If you don’t have an idea, don’t worry. talk to us.  if you don’t have something defined that represents yourself, you don’t need to waste time and energy- we, the Hiwaga Weddings will help you.

Because we know how important and special your wedding is!

The best wedding photographers in Thrissur – Hiwaga Weddings

A land where nature puts on its finest show, Thrissur brims with wonders when it comes to your wedding. Hiwaga has the best wedding photographers in Thrissur, which is an ideal place to embark on a new beginning. And, if you’re someone who’s looking for the perfect destination in Thrissur to tie the knot, we’ll help you. We have the best wedding photographers in Kochi offering perfect wedding photography in Ernakulam, here to inspire you to tie the knot in Kerala, God’s Own Country.

Many of the weddings we covered in Kerala was a feast for the eyes. Our best wedding photographers in Kottayam have shot iconic shots from Kottayam. choosing Kerala for your destination wedding is an amazing decision
How amazing it is to replete with traditions that are effortlessly fused with contemporary elements against the lush beauty of Kerala is indeed a joy to behold. Taking full advantage of the serene backwaters, scenic beauty of Thrissur, Thrissur already hosted a series of vibrant and picturesque events. So yeah, get ready to marvel at the diverse bounties of nature Hiwaga Weddings has to offer.

Plan your fantasy goal wedding and we, the best wedding photographers in Kollam stand out amongst other wedding photographers in Kerala to assist you with making happen the wedding you had always wanted!

We have the best wedding photographers in Alappuzha who consider that wedding is a unique happening affection, trust, organization, resilience, and industriousness. Wedding minutes are of course timeless and for each couple and their dearest loved ones, they need the best of everything. It is said that marriages occur in heaven and having such a brilliant marriage is the fantasy of everyone. The destination weddings are increasing tremendous fame in the course of the most recent couple of years and these destination weddings are best for making wonders happen.

The best wedding photographers in Kottayam

Your search for the Best Wedding Photographers in Kottayam ends here! Hiwaga Weddings has a team of wedding photographers in Kottayam who are experts in traditional as well as Candid Wedding Photography.

Kerala Wedding Photography is always a mix of Traditional and Candid shots. As we have expertise in offering wedding photography in Ernakulam and other parts of Kerala for many years, we make it exceptional. Our team has the best wedding photographers in Kochi who always take amazing pictures of our clients. Our team captures the real essence of each wedding that entitles us to the best wedding photographers in Thrissur also. Our works at Thrissur were quite famous and made a buzz on many wedding photography pages on social media.

For us, each work is a challenge and we do it wholeheartedly. The wedding photographers in Alappuzha of our team always say that Kerala Wedding photography has a particular style that needs a special bond, care, and professionalism. Yeah, we follow that! Also,  We take it as an honor to capture your special day. Hence each Hiwaga wedding will be unique in its style. With some of the best wedding photographers in Kollam, we have services being offered there too!

Wedding photographers in Kottayam – Services

𝙴𝚗𝚐𝚊𝚐𝚎𝚖𝚎𝚗𝚝 & Wedding

  • Functional Photography/ Videography
  • Candid Photography/Videography

𝚆𝚎𝚍𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝙴𝚟e

• Full Photography
• Full videography
   Highlights video
   Full video
   Pre-wedding or post-wedding

When it comes to pricing, we offer the best to fits your needs, especially your dreams. We customize each wedding according to the interest of our client. We usually don’t have a set package as such. For us each wedding is unique and thus, we have unique plans always in stock for you! We hear, we suggest and let’s decide!

So yeah, choose the best wedding photographers in Kochi today for uncompromising quality and service.

Candid Photoshoot – Tips by the best wedding photographers in Thrissur

1.  Be ready, anytime, anywhere!
The main rule behind is to always have your camera ready, anywhere, anytime- says the best wedding photographers in Thrissur.  Your camera should be in your hand and you need to be ready to shoot at all times.

2. Usage of Longer Lens
Our wedding photographers in Alappuzha use longer lens most often to capture candid shots. So yeah, it’s worth investing in a zoom lens so that you can take pictures from a fair distance. ( People are less likely to notice a camera in their direction) Our best wedding photographers in Kottayam have histories of capturing the best shots with this trick.

3.The Right Equipment – the right shots!
Having the right equipment helps you get a majority of the shots the way it has to. It is advisable to always it can be very suitable to have a smaller camera along, in addition, to help with candid shots.  For any photography-related doubts, you have options to connect with the best wedding photographers in Kochi.

4. Plan Ahead
it’s a good idea to scope out good locations for perfect candid shots. It is great if you can’t get there ahead of time, try and take some time to find good spots for great shots.

5. Click many!
This will help you get the perfect shots. Place your camera on constant and try a burst of shots.

6. Never forget the people in groups
The whole idea behind this is people relating to each other often make for a more interesting shot. Once they become involved in a conversation, they are less aware of what’s happening around which marks it perfect for candid shots.

Hiwaga Weddings offers wedding photography in Ernakulam, with the best wedding photographers of Kollam and Alappuzha. Offering services to different parts of Kerala, the team is well known for its expertise in Kerala Wedding photography. Wedding photographers in Kottayam are in this team of professionals. Connect today!

Plan Your Wedding Amidst This Corona Outbreak

A lot of turbulence is seen all around post coronavirus outbreak. The brides and grooms who were to get married shortly and were busy planning seem to lose all of it. Being the best wedding photographers in Kochi, we are flooded with numerous emails and calls from such anxious clients who feel confused after paying huge advance amounts to event management teams. Hiwaga provides the best wedding photography in Ernakulam and is committed to helping you in any circumstances.

What should you do?

As per the current scenario, large gatherings are completely prohibited and discouraged.  The first and foremost thing we suggest you is to not get saddened, these situations will definitely change. Secondly, you can decide to not postpone your wedding date and get married to not more than 10 to 12 guests with the best wedding photographers in Kollam. In such a case, the rituals are to be followed by extensive hygiene arrangements of the meeting, greeting, and dining. For this, you have to communicate to your guests about the status  Furthermore, you can share a live video which the best wedding photographers in Alappuzha can arrange with which your relatives do not feel left out and dishonored.

Contact your booked wedding photographers in Kottayam immediately and converse about your choice, they too are extremely flexible and ready to help you in all possible situations, even they understand the toughest times you are going through.

How to convince the guests?

Covid-19 being a universal calamity, everyone is aware of the same and wants to stay at home to be safe. You have to convey to them that keeping in mind the safety quotient you have decided to marry on the same date but with no guests at all. Otherwise, in case you decide to defer the date then communicate it! We are confident that your guests will deeply understand your concerns.

How can the best wedding photographers in Thrissur help you?

  Our goal is to help you arrive at the right decision even during such tough times. When the situation settles down the government officials will indeed permit social gatherings and then you can definitely celebrate in the ways you have had always dreamt of! Visit and send us our query.

How do the best wedding photographers in Kottayam– the Hiwaga Weddings can help you plan your upcoming wedding?

  Well! In case your wedding date is approaching and you have paid your advances to us, then we will actively get in touch with you. Don’t worry!

In planning your rescheduled dates in the future Hiwaga Weddings helps you to provide the required support to mutually discuss the postponement of the event. We try to maintain mutual trust. So don’t panic. We will still make it the best for your wedding, following all safety measures!